Friday, January 22, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

I went for a hike yesterday around what’s called The  4 Lakes and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I was walking up a forested path with trees, mountains and a   picturesque waterfall on one side of me and the calmness of a still, blue lake on the other side. It felt like I was walking through a story book; a fairy tale. And as I was enjoying the surreal beauty and peacefulness of the walk I became acutely aware of the possible presence of wild animals as noted in my article below and I thought to myself: 

Don’t allow the monsters to ruin or prevent you from seeing all the beauty that surrounds you. Don’t let them scare off all of the beauty within you.  I told myself that the monsters in your head, after all, are just a figment of your imagination born from wounds, wounds from misperceptions of a child’s mind.  

The monsters in reality are afraid of YOU, so they use scare tactics as their defenses against you. They know you are more powerful, it’s only YOU that does not know this. Why do you think they fight back so hard? Why do you think they are so relentless? Because they know you are stronger and you could take them out. 

They will do whatever they can to survive: trickery, become louder, project images onto your mind to prove they are real and they are stronger. They will even have you experience repeated hurtful patterns externally and repeated self-sabotaging patterns internally to prove their realness and strength. Yet, what you don’t realize (because they are so sly and deceiving) is that it is actually YOU creating these situations just by the sheer fact of believing in them!  

It reminds me of the lives of circus elephants. As babies they are chained by the ankle so they can’t escape their cage. When they grow up to be big, strong, magnificent animals, who can now break that chain with their  own strength, they don’t. They don’t escape that life of entrapment and cruelty, even though they can, because they have learned to believe that, that weak chain can still retain them and hold them to their cage. 

So for the rest of my hike, I decided not to believe in the beasts, and I continued my walk in solitude and freedom taking in all the beauty. I decided I was going to write a new story, my own fairy tale.


  1. yes, just like the elephants. we'll be amazed what we are capable of if we just try, just believe... beautiful post once again!

  2. I agree with, Shadow. A beautiful and thoughtful post.
    A nice read for a saturday morning and visit with a friend.

    have a great weekend!

  3. "Don’t allow the monsters to ruin or prevent you from seeing all the beauty that surrounds you. Don’t let them scare off all of the beauty within you."


    Love this blog. Thank you for stopping by, as I now get to enjoy following you... and I will definitely be following. Can't wait to catch up on all the posts I've missed.


  4. OMG
    How great, how convenient, how true and helpful this is to me at this very moment of my life.

    Gonna make a copy of this and read it three times a day on karma- so that the project am on goes ahead... without fear of any silly beasts...

    THANK you SO MUCH my dear Brun for this awesome post!
    Sweeter hugs!

  5. The only things you have no power over are the things you give your power over to.

    Be, just be.

  6. as a former bc-type [last in north delta, now in halifax] i am not aware of this 4-lakes district of which you speak, but do concur on your take on monsters... so yes, do write your own tales, fairy or otherwise

    and never, ever, think you are 'nothing'...