Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Tempting Poison?

We feel resentment toward others ONLY because we are not happy with ourselves and our own lives.

The Temptation of Resentment:

  •  Resentment allows us to be self-righteous
  • Resentment allows us to make another wrong and us right, them bad, us good
  • Resentment allows the ego to rule and the masks to stay on
  • Resentment allows our deep painful emotions to stay hidden in the dark
  • Resentment allows us to abdicate responsibility for our choices
  • Resentment allows us to blame others for our unhappiness
  • Resentment allows us to not deal with our own stuff
  • Resentment serves as a defense mechanism to keep our own monsters at bay
  • Resentment gives us an excuse to stay with the status quo and not risk change
  • Resentment allows us to stay safe and comfortable
The Poison of Resentment:
  • Resentment serves as a barrier to feel our real feelings
  • Resentment makes us hard, rigid and bitter
  • Resentment keeps us stuck in the pain we say we want to get away from
  • Resentment takes away our power
  • Resentment keeps us victims
  • Resentment closes us others and ourselves
  • Resentment serves as a distraction to keep us disconnected from ourselves
  • Resentment keeps us connected to that which has wounded us
  • Resentment blocks us from knowing our real selves
  • Resentment blocks us from healing the real pain 
 Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to get sick.



  1. resentment IS pure poison. letting go of it is the hardest thing to do, but so very worthwhile. great post!

  2. Excellent post (and I love the accompanying picture).

    I've always had the goal of never taking offense and never holding grudges. Not only does this help maintain better relationships with others...but it also (I believe) helps me to be a happier person generally.

    I know a number of people who are filled with deep resentment and holding grudges that are years (sometimes decades) old...and often they just seem so down in spirit in spite of a generally good life.

    It's sad.

  3. Tey say Resentment, guilt and fear are the main reasons of cancer... And I really believe so- yes.

    Good list yours is!

  4. Captivating list!
    I've somehow managed to channel lots of my resentment into invisibility. That is to say, by never seeing the people who caused it, ever again.

  5. Thanks for all your input and sharing how you deal with this poisonous feeling.

  6. i had an uprising of this feeling the other night, seeing a person from my past who had been part of great pain to my friend and my own family. ps love the soundtrack

  7. This is so true. I think the part "resentment keeps us victim" is the one that I happen to agree with the most - though each and every one was spot on as well.