Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Presence as a Present

Presents is what we give our loved ones at Christmas. Presence is the best gift we can give our loved ones at Christmas. Is it a coincidence that these two words are pronounced the same? Presence truly is a gift. Your complete presence. Present in the moment, present in your communications, present in listening, even present in arguing.
So often we are lost in thoughts of the future or pains of the past. We worry about, or anticipate a future event or we become nostalgic about, or regret a past event. Very rarely are we ever completely present in our interactions or even with ourselves. Or present in our own lives!
And subsequently all our relationships with people are skewed because we are not relating from the right now and we may also be diminishing our own power, our power of authentic choice when we are not truly present in the moment. Everything seems to trigger a past event in our subconscious and we react from there or sometimes it triggers our fear or expectations of the future – although that is still related to past experiences.
Yet our power lies in the present moment. It is only the present moment that we can effect. The past is gone, what’s done is done. The future hasn’t happened and can’t be controlled anyhow.
It is ONLY the present moment we have.
It is ONLY in the present moment that we can truly be alive.
It is ONLY in the present moment that we can give our love.
It is ONLY in the present moment that we can find peace.

Give your greatest present this Christmas…your Presence.

Love and Peace to all this Christmas and in the New Year.


  1. Oh this is so related to my topic today... present... so ephimeral though...
    Merry Xmas to you too

    <Dulce ;)

  2. Welcome to my blog. I was so excited to see you had become a follower.

    This is my first visit to your blog and I like it.

    In my pastoral care volunteer job I visit patients. The chaplain trained me on the three ministries involved: the ministry of touch, the ministry of prayer, and the ministry of PRESENCE.